Anxious about Time?
Not anymore.

Meet Mind - Your New Therapy Timer.

Because Trust is Key

Every therapist needs to be in control of time. Glancing at clocks and watches during therapy session may cause clients to feel insecure. Timeqube helps you keep track of time without eroding trust.


No Tick-Tock, Only Colors.

Regular clocks or egg timers are noisy. Timeqube uses color transitions to gently remind the therapist about remaining time. Place Timeqube anywhere in the room and the eye will catch color transitions using human peripheral vision. Your client will never be distracted.


Designed Together With Therapists

We consulted over 60+ psychotherapists to design Timeqube Mind. It features most common therapy session time presets and  comes in less-distractive color scheme hand picked by the therapist community.

Timeqube Mind – The Therapy Timer

World’s first stress-free timer for psychotherapy and coaching.

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Timeqube Mind – a discreet Therapy Timer which your clients will love!

Timeqube Mind was designed to solve the problem of timing in psychotherapy and counselling. We’ve consulted over 60 professional therapists to find out how therapy sessions can be timed in a way that doesn’t erode trust between therapist and the client.

How does it work?

Timeqube is stress-free because the human brain processes colors sub-consciously. You can place the device somewhere on the side and your eye will catch the color of Timeqube without  breaking eye contact with the client. That’s the marvel of human peripheral vision.


Time presets

Timeqube Mind features fast-access time presets developed together with our therapist community. All times in minutes. Yellow is the default.


The colors

As time passes, Timeqube smoothly changes colors as follows:

1️⃣ teal – a lot of time left
2️⃣ lemon – half time   
3️⃣ orange – closing the session –  (5 minutes before session end)
4️⃣ violet – time’s up (blinking) –  (100% time elapsed)



  • Universal preset times: 15, 30, 45,  50, 60, 90 minutes
  • Purely visual
  • No tick-tock or any other sound
  • Hand-made in European Union
  • Distraction and stress-free as attested by science and our customers
  • Works throughout the entire focused work session, reminding you of remaining time
  • 15-20 hours of constant operation with charging through USB-C port



  • focus entirely on the client while remaining aware of time left in therapy session
  • no need to train yourself in knowing the time. That’s what Timeqube’s for.
  • provide gentle time reminder to the client without any distraction or feeling of pressure
  • no tick-tock sound, no alarm. Timeqube Mind is beautifully quiet.
  • never again take eyes off your client to check time


What do customers say?

There is nothing like this! It takes the stress out of keeping up with the time during a counseling session.
There is absolutely NOTHING like this. Yes, there’s timers but this is like no other. Its classy, elegant, and a soothing way of transitioning time throughout the counseling session. Highly recommend .
Tracy Morgan . Tracy Morgan Consulting, US.


Now I don’t need to break eye contact with the client to check time, when the session gets intense.

Lissa Sivvy / Psychotherapist, US (full interview)


Minimalist User Interface You Will Love

Starting to time with Timeqube Mind now takes under 3 seconds.

timeqube mind manual


Free Timeqube Online for all customers!

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In the box

Here’s the goodies you’re getting with every new Timeqube:

2 Year Global Guarantee

We trust in our product therefore we offer a full 2-year global guarantee.



We will ship your Timeqube worldwide. We need max 7 days for European Union deliveries and max 14 days for global deliveries outside EU.

Delivery for EU orders is free of charge, but you can choose a 19,99 EUR express courier shipping.

For shipping outside European Union we use express courier shipping for 19,99 USD/GBP.

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Thank you for doing what You do.
The World needs Therapists more than ever before.

The Timeqube Team

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